Friday, October 29, 2010

Two Big Changes

November is bringing two big and exciting changes to Tangled Fiction.

First! Anne Marie will no longer be tangling her fiction with ours, which takes us down from 4 writers to 3. We wish Anne all the crazy writing success in the world. Good luck, Anne!

And Second! The three of us have been having thoughts. Oh, yes, we have. They are both terrifying and sublime! Inspiring and insane! Exciting and ecstatic!

What would those changes be? We are boosting our signal, putting our posting schedule on speed, and pushing our collaboratively creative capabilities* to the max. Tangled Fiction is going to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday sequence. Yes! You read that right! We'll be producing one collaborative short story a week.

This means that you will be able to find 3 complete short stories here each month. On the fourth (and occasionally fifth) weeks, we'll change things up a bit with single authored shorts, entertaining discussions on the stories of that month, and more!**

November will follow the schedule listed below and after that, if you are curious, you will be able to find the schedule for any given month on our info page.

Thank you all for reading and spreading the word about Tangled Fiction! Get ready for more. ;)

Lacey, Valerie, & Natalie

November Schedule:
Week 1 - Lacey, Natalie, Valerie
Week 2 - Natalie, Valerie, Lacey
Week 3 - Valerie, Lacey, Natalie
Week 4 - Turkey. Lots of it. But not on the blog.
Week 5 - Individual shorts by all!

*This post brought to you by alliteration.
**Now taking suggestions!

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