About Us

Welcome to Tangled Fiction, where three YA writers collaborate to complete one story!

We came together with a three-fold mission:

* to become better writers
* to give away free fiction
* to make that fiction fun for others

Tangled Fiction is an experiment, a challenge, you might say. Every other week, we'll be tangling our fiction to create a single story. As you might expect, Monday is for beginnings, Wednesdays for the bridge, and Fridays for the conclusion.

In the weeks between our Tangles, we'll have (un)Tangled weeks, which means one of us will post a complete short story on Monday.

We invite everyone to join in the discussions, to comment and participate however you wish, but please keep all discussion to a PG-13 level. Come get tangled with us!

Lacey (L.J.) Boldyrev writes stories both dark and dirty, with a hint of romance and a splash of gore. Her fiction has been published in the anthology REBEL MOON and she is represented by Sara Megibow of the Nelson Literary Agency. She resides in New York and when she isn't holed up in her purple writing room, she's reading, day-dreaming about a rustic farmette in the country, or spending time with her family.

Valerie Kemp writes stories full of angst and a touch of the macabre. She's an award-winning indie filmmaker (writer / director / editor) who lives in Michigan. When not writing, she can be found reading voraciously, watching British tv, or at Natalie's insistence, re-learning to play the violin.

Natalie C Parker writes twisted stories with a preference for all things sublime. In her day job life, she's a slave to the beast of Higher Ed, and when she's not writing, a determined cellist and nail polish junkie, and she is represented by Sarah Davies of the Greenhouse Literary Agency. She lives in Kansas with her partner in a house of monsters.

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