Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Hiatus

A few days ago, the three of us had a conversation that went something like this:

Natalie: Y'all! OMG Y'ALL! *spazzes* *incoherent babblings* *thud*

Lacey: Um, hey, it's okay, Natalie. Deep breaths. *pets*

Valerie: o_O Don't touch her, Lacey. Might be contagious.

And after many rounds of emails we all decided that what I was trying to say was something we all agreed with - time for a break! The three of us need a little time to focus on our other writings for a while, so for the month of April, we won't be posting new stories here.

We know a month is a long time to wait, so while we're out, we're leaving you with a few of our favorites listed below. We'll be back in May, revived, refreshed and ready to get tangled again.

Lacey's Favorite - WHAT WISHES ARE MADE OF

Valerie's Favorite - FAMILIAR UNKNOWN

Natalie's Favorite - I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU

Thank you all for reading and we'll see you in May!

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